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New Technologies in Food Plant Pest Control

01:00 PM – 01:05 PM ET

Welcome Remarks & Announcements
General Session
Jason Brill
Speaker Jason Brill Editor QA Magazine View Bio

01:05 PM – 01:15 PM ET

CheckMate® Puffer IMM: Sustainable control of Indian Meal Moths in Food Facilities
General Session
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Get an in-depth look at Suterra’s brand new Mating Disruption product, the CheckMate® Puffer IMM. Learn how this breakthrough innovation can help control stored product moths, using pheromone’s to sustainably reduce populations of IMM, ideal for large food processors, warehouses, and storage facilities.
Vijay Pai
Speaker Vijay Pai General Manager, Commercial Pest Division Suterra View Bio

01:15 PM – 02:15 PM ET

Got Rats? Now What? Where To Start?
General Session
Whether its mice or rats, once you have them inside a food processing center its important to eliminate them quickly. At the same time, your business is surrounded by conducive conditions that require you to monitor for these critters continuously. No longer is a few rodent bait stations and inspections your only tool in the pest management toolkit. This session will cover what we have learned over the past 2 decades and are now using to better control and monitor for mice and rats.
Janet Hurley
Speaker Janet Hurley Extension Program Specialist III Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service View Bio

02:15 PM – 02:25 PM ET

iQ Rodent Monitoring in Food Production Facilities
General Session
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Smart & Easy Solutions for Enhanced Rodent Control.

John Phil, ACE
Speaker John Phil, ACE Senior Technical Manager Bell Laboratories, Inc. View Bio

02:25 PM – 03:25 PM ET

New Technologies for Pest Prevention
General Session
Pests can significantly contaminate foods as they’re being produced, resulting in economic loss, regulatory penalties, customer rejection and adverse consumer reaction. But what are the things we can do to make the environment less favorable for pest establishment and population growth? In this session, Dr. James Campbell shares the knowledge he has gained about how sanitation, barriers, treatments, monitoring programs and more can help. He also will discuss the new and developing technologies for detection, prevention and elimination in food and beverage processing plants and warehouses.
Dr. James Campbell
Speaker Dr. James Campbell Supervisory Research Entomologist USDA View Bio

03:25 PM – 03:35 PM ET

Why VLINK® is the Best Choice for Food Plants
General Session
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The digital tech age is here, and it’s all about data.  How can we successfully incorporate technology into food plant pest management programs?  The experts at Victor® have engineered a platform for remotely monitoring rodent activity that will give you valuable data and insights that you haven’t had before.  We will share success stories and how VLINK devices can be deployed as part of a IPM program to provide a better rodent management plan. 

Mark Ebner
Speaker Mark Ebner Account Manager VLINK Pest Network Woodstream Corporation View Bio

03:35 PM – 04:35 PM ET

New Technologies + Current Standards = Continuous Improvement
General Session
Pest management is a critical foundational program for any food facility. New technologies offer food facilities opportunities for pest management efficiencies leading to greater control within the food safety program. But how do new technologies fit into current standards and regulations? Kristie Grzywinski’s 20-plus years of expertise in food regulations and global standards for food facilities along the supply chain connects the dots between pest control technologies and the global GFSI standards, along with a look at various applicable regulations of the U.S. and Canada. Discover how the new technologies in food facility pest management can fulfill the standards and where there are opportunities in streamlining the implementation of a site’s pest management program to allow for continued improvement.
Kristie Grzywinski
Speaker Kristie Grzywinski Technical Director Safe Quality Food Institute View Bio

04:35 PM – 04:45 PM ET

Delivering Stronger Brand Protection With the ActiveSense® System
General Session
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With a focus on delivering top-quality service that’s backed by state-of-the-art technology, Maribel Rabbani knew electronic remote monitoring would play an important role in both protecting the brands of her clients and growing her new pest control business. By monitoring for pest activity 24/7, the ActiveSense® system allowed the Total Maintenance Service team to focus their time on targeted inspections and proactive program changes to provide stronger brand protection. 
Maribel Rabbani
Speaker Maribel Rabbani CEO & Founder Total Maintenance Service View Bio

04:45 PM – 05:00 PM ET

Conference Wrap-Up
General Session